Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Class 2: First Grid Game

After much discussion wdr have decided on a basketball based grid game. We are still discussing the number of players involved in the game but the game is based around a basketball court but has a chance element involved which has dice and pieces moving around the board concerning the numbers on the die.

This game involves an external component which is a basketball hoop and the points the players can accumulate come from the baskets they make using the physical basketball set which we think will be provided with the game.

The logistics of what we want the game to be, i.e. how many players, how to decided offense, defense, the point system which determines how many spaces a player can move when they roll the die and which pieces they can move are yet to be decided.

Right now we are moving towards having two seperate boards, one for moving the pieces around the board and a half court for the actual shooting of the basket.