Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Class 3: Establishing Rules for our Game

Today we worked on developing our basketball game to come up with the basic rules and then play the game with the basic rules we came up with to see if they were logistically feasible. We came up with an idea to combine strategy with luck by using some of the basic rules of basketball and then adding our own twist to it by having pieces on the  game board and using dice to determine when the pieces are moved. We decided that we would have about 2/3 pieces per player on the game board and then the strategy would be deciding how to move the pieces so as to get your piece to the other side with the ball while being on offense so that you can use the physical basketball hoop to try and shoot and score points. Ultimately the points you gain from this game come from the basketball hoop so the physical skill is pretty important. To tackle the problem of people who are not as good at the physical components not wanting to play the game we decided to possibly include trivia cards about basket ball so that people who may not be as good at the actual basketball, but rather are  good at knwoing facts about basketball would still want to play the game.
To simulate the actual basketball feel in the game board we decided we would have 2 colored dice, one green and one red where the green die would represent offense and the red die would represent defense. We are still in the process of coming up with set rules for the game such that both players would have a fair shot at gaining points in the game.

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