Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finalizing the design

Today we did some play testing of games to help other  groups with their games. Another group also play tested our game to see if the rules were clear, if the game was interesting and made sense, etc. We also split up the work that was remaining to be able to finish up the game by next time including who would work on the website, how we were going to find and formulate a box for our game, how we were going to improve our game board( move around the spaces that were marked as chance spots), how to improve the cards and acquiring the physical hoop.
We also discussed adding elements to our game as it was suggested that an additional strategic element be added to our game. We decided to add in foul shots and double dribbles using chance cards in order to add more basketball like elements to our game.
Finally we decided how to phrase the rules of the game in order to simplify it in the best way possible.

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