Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Class 4: Playing the game

Today we decided the dimensions we wanted our grid to be (12 squares by 7 squares) and played our game with a series of different possibilities to see how interesting/challenging our game was. This involved trying out different number of pieces per players, having more than one player on a team, having the board be different dimensions, adding a physical/ mental aspect to the game, changing up the rules so that each number of each die meant a different move each player could make etc. This made us realize which rules made the game easier/harder and also brought out some possibilities which did not change the difficulty of the game but simply made it more or less interesting.
We also realized how much strategy was involved in playing our game which came out when we were playing the game with players who knew more/less about basketball. After learning a little bit about photoshop, we started searching for basketball game boards to base our game board on. Our goal for today is to finalize the rules for the game so that next time we can start making our game board and figuring out the cards that will make up the mental portion of our game. We have yet to figure out the physical portion of our game which involves a basketball hoop.

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