Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Class 5: Deciding what still needs to be done

Today we started out with deciding what still needs to be done in order to have a prototype of our game for next week which is ready to be played. This included making a list of the materials we would need to have a physical prototype of the game. We decided to split up who would finish what components and then got to work on them. A formal set of the rules was typed up which involved lots of discussion to clarify what we were finally deciding on as the rules underwent a series of changes in the past few weeks.

Other than that we worked with photoshop to put the finishing touches on our game board, and came up with the tasks and questions for the chance and the trivia cards. This also involved deciding how many chance and trivia cards we would need and what exactly they would look like and how they would be be incorporated into our game. We decided that the chance cards would correspond to certain spots on the game board itself while the trivia cards would be used to give an alternative to the physical component of the game which might no appeal to anyone. Similarly, we also decided to make the trivia cards multiple choice so that even those who do not have vast amount of knowledge about basketball could still play the game and win. However since the game is supposed to revolve around basketball we decided to only make the cards worth 1 point so that a player who keeps choosing the trivia cards as opposed to shooting the actual ball would not be able to gain massive amounts of points through that.

Finally we also discussed what game pieces we wanted to use and decided to use small checkers pieces for the time being for simplicity's sake. We might choose to make fancier player pieces next week if we have more time to acquire such pieces.

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